PCC's response in lieu of the recent developments about the Coronavirus in Hendricks County.

a letter from steve // updated 5.5.2020

Dear Friends in Christ,


We have always known that Plainfield Christian Church is not a building, but people. Never has that been more clear to us than in this present pandemic. Your support of the mission of loving all people to new life in Christ over the last eight weeks has been beautiful and encouraging. During that time:

  • We’ve seen record numbers turnout for our online services with an average of 3,323 people per week. Due to so many people embracing the online experience, we plan to continue using this platform for engagement with our community after our in-person services resume. We are thankful that the age of technological advancements provides us additional opportunities to communicate the Gospel.
  • We’ve seen Home Groups thrive despite the lack of face-to-face meetings.
  • We’ve seen heart-warming generosity and faithfulness from our congregation through regular weekly gifts and offerings.
  • We’ve helped 47 families in our community through our COVID Relief Fund which has received over $40,000 in donations so far.
  • We have witnessed 20 people be Made New in Christ through baptism.

The leaders of PCC have been discussing the possibility of resuming in-building services for the last several weeks and we eagerly anticipate making that a reality as soon as possible. By now, you have likely heard our governor’s announcement of Indiana's plan to gradually lift restrictions over the course of the summer. This is great news and is surely the first step to eventually resuming activity within the walls of our building. However, our leaders have reached the decision to keep our online experience as the primary method for worship gatherings for the foreseeable future. The foundation of this direction is rooted in the following:

  • We are called to submit to our leaders. Though restrictions have been loosened, churches in Indiana are still being encouraged to continue with online services for now. Although we desire to be together, social distancing, as recommended, is difficult to practice in a large church such as ours.
  • We are still the church, even if gatherings are digital. The Church is active, alive, and vital to the health of our community now more than ever before. 
  • We are commanded to love our neighbors. We believe the best way that we can do that during this season is to protect those who are vulnerable and wait until we can offer a truly excellent in-person experience for our congregation and community.

As of now, our building will remain closed to in-person services and all gatherings through at least the month of June. As time passes, we will remain alert to recommendations so that when we come together again, we can do so with greater confidence and wisdom, expressing ourselves as the Body of Christ.

Our first step back into face-to-face gatherings will be through Home Groups and we want to make that happen as soon as it is a safe and viable option. If you are not a part of a Home Group yet, we want to get you involved with a Connection Group as soon as possible. Connection Groups will be a six-week, online experience. Visit mypcc.info and swipe over to the Groups card for details on Connection Groups and to sign up.


For now, we encourage you to:

  1. Pray. Pray for our community, your neighbors, and our church as we continue to weather this storm together.
  2. Engage. Engage digitally with us on social media and during the online services and with your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers as opportunities allow. It has never been easier to invite someone to worship or engage someone in a spiritual conversation.
  3. Serve. Find ways to serve the people around you and be an expression of Christ’s love to a community that needs Him. If you know someone who has a need, please visit our How Can We Help page and provide the necessary information so that we can partner with you in meeting the needs of the people around you.

Ministry continues at PCC and we are energized by the opportunities that lie ahead this summer. Details on adapted versions of VBS, CIY, and Camp Allendale will be released in the coming weeks and we’re eager to see how God will use these offerings during this season. 


May the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all!


Steve White

pcc covid-19 relief fund

PCC is expanding our benevolence ministry to meet some of the financial needs caused by the virus outbreak. If you know someone who could use financial assistance please let us know. Also, please consider giving to PCC's COVID-19 Relief Fund. Here's how:

From your mobile device text PCC COVIDRELIEF to 73256 to give to COVID-19 Relief Fund. Click on the link that you receive back and you’ll be taken to a secure site to give to this fund.

If you're accustomed to online giving, you can also give to the PCC COVID-19 Relief fund by selecting "Give" in your account and select COVID-19 Relief Fund in the dropdown box.

THursday night community meal

The Thursday night Community Meal has been a great opportunity to bless our community during this unprecedented season. PCC will continue to provide food for the community available for curbside pick-up on Thursdays from 5:30-6:30 pm by Door 3. If you or someone you know is in need, fill out the form on plainfieldchristian.com and we'll be in contact shortly.