Commit to opening your home to build relationships in the name of Jesus!

This vision has the potential to make a great impact on our community through you: the Church! We want to have a visual representation of that impact in The Hub through a map of our community. Please provide your information below to express your intentions* of dedicating your home. We will place an anonymous representation of your home on the map in The Hub.

*You are not signing up to lead a Home Group, simply committing to use your home as a tool to build relationships. Still have questions? Scroll down for FAQs.

Lord, I’m offering my home as a place of welcome for people you’ve put in my life. You have entrusted me with this home, now please help me to use it to welcome others as you have welcomed me. Amen.

Dedicate Your Home FAQs

Where do I start?

For many of us, opening our homes to others is an intimidating task. Start small! Start by opening your home to friends that you are comfortable with. Connect with your neighbors while getting the mail and work your way up to a cookout. Invite someone for coffee at a coffee shop to start, rather than a full meal at your house. Be intentional, develop a rhythm, and start somewhere!

Does dedicating my home to this vision mean that I am hosting a Home Group?

No. Dedicating your home is simply a commitment to opening your home to a friend, co-worker, or neighbor in order to build relationships through hospitality. We believe that practicing hospitality is an act of obedience and one of the best ways of engaging people in a more meaningful way in today's culture.

To help prepare you in opening your home, we encourage everyone to be part of a Home Group. A Home Group is a gathering of brothers and sisters for the purpose of practicing hospitality and growing in Christ in homes together. These groups help us to grow through fellowship, prayer, building community, eating with one another, and discussion based on topics and scriptures introduced in Sunday's sermon. Home Groups are a place to learn and be encouraged on how to open our homes and lives for the sake of building relationships with those that do not yet know Jesus.

Is "dedicate my home" a program?

No. This is an individual commitment to use your family home as a tool to build relationships in the name of Jesus. 

What if I don’t have time to invite other people to my home?

We recognize the level of commitment required to create margin in our lives. It is hard to sacrifice things on your calendar to make room for developing relationships through hospitality. Following Jesus is a high call, but there is great joy in opening your home and life to the people that God has placed on your path!

My house isn’t big enough / clean enough. What should I do?

Most of us have insecurities about inviting others into our homes. Don’t worry! Being vulnerable enough to invite people into an imperfect home actually paves the way for deeper levels of relationship and connection.

Alright, I think I’m ready. What steps should I take from here?


Constantly consider who God has placed in your life at work, school, the gym, community, or neighborhood. Who is God placing on your heart?

Create Margin

Relationships take time and we have to make time in our schedules to connect with people. What is on your calendar that you will sacrifice in order to develop relationships through hospitality?

Develop a Rhythm

Once we’ve identified relationships worth developing and created margin in our schedules, we need to develop a rhythm of inviting others in. Start small, but be intentional. What is in the way of you having an intentional rhythm? 

Be Patient

Relationships don’t happen overnight and sometimes it takes years to earn someone's trust. What does waiting on the Lord look like for you?

Be Bold

Take a risk and open your home and life to someone else in the name of Jesus. Show hospitality as God as shown to us. What does taking a risk in Jesus’ name look like for you in this vision?