An online learning experience to equip you to reach others.


An online learning experience to equip you to reach others by owning your faith and deepening your relationship with God.

Our fall semester is in progress. The Spring semester will begin in January 2022. Look for registration to open in December.

There has never been a time in history in which we've been so connected with people here in our community and around the world. The internet, social media, and devices like smart phones have given us powerful tools to make relational connections with a large number people. And yet, it seems like it’s as challenging as ever to make deep, lasting relational connections with the people around us. But to build these connections with the people around us, we have to start with a connection to the One who created us. 

 EquipU is a comprehensive, university-style teaching format designed to give you the tools to understand why we believe what we believe, how to read the Bible, how to have a relationship with God, and how to live out this faith that we’ve found in Christ. Just like you would attend a university to prepare you for a career, EquipU is a short-term (2 year completion cycle) learning format that will teach you the foundational topics that are central to our faith and help you to gain the confidence you need to share it with those around you.

This online learning format will provide weekly lessons through video teaching, exercises, assigned readings, and interactions with others that are on the same learning track as you. In all, EquipU offers four, sequential tracks that will equip you to own your faith and make meaningful connections with those around you.

All EquipU participants will need to register for the next semester, regardless of the track you are entering.

Our fall semester has launched. Next semester starts January 2022.

What to Expect

—How it Works—

EquipU is an online learning platform broken into four sequential tracks. The tracks consists of three courses, which are broken into three modules. Each week a new module (or portion of a module for those with extended material) will be unlocked and all of the material for that module will be made available to you including video teaching, exercises, interactions with a small online community, and other readings.

—Time Commitment—

2 Years: EquipU consists of four learning tracks designed to be taken sequentially. Spring and Fall semesters will be offered each year, meaning EquipU can be completed in two years if semesters aren't skipped.

12-15 Weeks: Each track consists of 12-15 weeks of learning. Of the nine modules in each track, some have more content and are broken into multiple weeks.

2-4 Hours: Participants are expected to complete one module per week. Each module contains 2-4 hours of course material that can be completed in one sitting, or broken into smaller portions throughout the week. 

Any Time of the Day: Once the module unlocks at the beginning of each week, participants can complete the material whenever it is convenient during that week. There are no time-specific lessons, though participants will be encouraged to keep up with the current week's content in order to stay aligned with the others in their cohort.


EquipU is offered at no cost to our PCC church family!


EquipU is for any maturing believer in Jesus Christ (that are a part of Plainfield Christian Church's congregation), regardless of how long you’ve been following Him.

—Learning Tracks—


> Course 1 <

Who is God?

Module 1: How God Reveals Himself

Module 2: The Character of God

Module 3: One God, Three Persons

> Course 2 <

What is the Church?

Module 1: How does the Bible describe the church?

Module 2: Why do we do what we do on a Sunday morning?

Module 3: What are our core values?

> Course 3 <

What is Salvation?

Module 1: The Problem

Module 2: The Solution

Module 3: What's at Stake


> Course 1 <

What is the Bible?

Module 1: Understanding the Bible

Module 2: Trusting the Bible

Module 3: Interpreting the Bible

> Course 2 <

What is the story of the Bible?

Module 1: The Story of Isreal

Module 2: The Story of Jesus

Module 3: The Story of the Church

> Course 3 <

What does the Bible say about ______?

Module 1: Gender and Sexuality

Module 2: Racism, Slavery, and Violence

Module 3: Exclusivity, Science, and Contradiction


> Course 1 <

Who is God, The Father?

Module 1: The Fatherhood of God

Module 2: Covenant With Us

Module 3: Community Together

> Course 2 <

Who is God, The Son?

Module 1: Connection Through Prayer

Module 2: Surrendering to Him

Module 3: Walking in Grace and Truth

> Course 3 <

Who is God, The Spirit?

Module 1: The Role of the Holy Spirit

Module 2: The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Module 3: Adopting Spiritual Disciplines

Coming Fall 2021


> Course 1 <

Vision for God's People

Module 1: Kingdom

Module 2: Beatitudes

Module 3: Sermon on the Mount

> Course 2 <

Answering Tough Questions

Module 1: Resurrection/Absolute Truth

Module 2: Hot Topics

Module 3: Hot Topics

> Course 3 <

Sharing Your Faith

Module 1: Finding Open Doors

Module 2: Sharing Your Story/Art of Listening

Module 3: Sharing the Gospel

> Capstone Review of All 4 Tracks <


Will I be interacting with other people through EquipU?

EquipU is designed to group you into a small online community called a cohort. You will interact with your cohort in each module through an online discussion forum. 

Are the exercises that I submit seen by my entire cohort? 

No. Only the topics discussed on the discussion forum will be visible to the other members of your cohort.

Can I take any track I want or do I have to take them in order?

EquipU is designed to be taken sequentially. Each track builds up on the foundation of the previous, you will take each track in the order they are offered.

Can I start EquipU any time I want to?

EquipU will be offered twice a year, with spring and fall semesters. You will journey through the material with your cohort each week, so the expectation is that you complete each module on the assigned week. 

How often is each track offered during the year? 

Tracks are offered once a semester (spring and fall). Each time EquipU registration is open, you can register for the next sequential track that you have yet to complete. For example, Track 1 will be offered January 2020, Tracks 1 and 2 will be offered Fall 2020, Tracks 1, 2, and 3 January 2021, and Tracks 1, 2, 3, and 4 in the Fall of 2021.

What happens if I am too busy to take the next track? Do I have to start back at the beginning?

No, you can simply pick up with a new cohort that is starting the track that you left off on.

Once I complete all four tracks, will there be a new offering of EquipU?

EquipU is designed to be a short term (2 year completion cycle) learning format. We believe that you will be equipped to own your faith and practice spiritual disciplines on your own without the need for a new learning experience. However, you are free to take any track again upon completion!

My friend doesn't know Jesus, should I have them take this class?

EquipU is designed for those who want to deepen their relationship with God and to equip you to share who He is with others. While a non-believer is welcome to be a part of EquipU, the tracks provided are designed for those who are believers.

Can my spouse and I share an account for EquipU?

You are welcome to go through EquipU together, but we suggest creating your own accounts for the additional material.

Can I go through EquipU if I'm not a part of Plainfield Christian Church?

For now, EquipU is for those that are a part of Plainfield Christian Church's congregation—in-person or online.

Why does it have my spouse’s name on the discussion forum instead of mine?

People that are sharing a computer will need to log into their account each time they are using the EquipU platform. This will ensure that you are interacting in the right cohort under your name and tracking your own progress properly.

Does EquipU keep track of my progress if I log out?

Yes! The EquipU platform will keep track of your progress as long as you are clicking the “Complete Step” button at the bottom of each lesson or activity.

EquipU is a lot of content. What happens if I can’t keep up?

EquipU is a big commitment. Just like a university-style course, you need to watch the lessons and complete assignments. However, we understand that EquipU is not a great fit for every season of life. If you don’t have the margin currently to complete the requirements, it is no problem to step out and pick back up during another semester. The track you are currently doing is offered through EquipU twice a year.

Can I be in a cohort with my family member?

We are absolutely happy to grant this request if there is a special circumstance that needs consideration. Generally, we have assigned family members to different cohorts so that they can have their own individual interactions on the discussion forum, but still have offline conversations with their family members about the content. We believe this provides the greatest opportunity for individual growth and sharing within each cohort.

What happens if I fall behind the schedule of EquipU?

We believe that it is very beneficial to create a weekly rhythm to allow for the content to be completed within the given time period. However, if you do fall behind, you can still complete the material with no problem. Just know that your answers on the discussion forum may not be as relevant to the other members of your cohort that week.

Can I skip around in the activities, lessons, and modules?

EquipU is designed to be taken sequentially. You will have a much better experience if you complete everything in the order laid out in the timeline. EquipU is design to unlock one module a week, with some modules spanning two weeks.