Give securely online, text-to-give, or give in person.

Online Giving Options


Online Giving FAQs

Is my giving information secure?

Yes. Everything is fully secure and PCI compliant.

Do I have to create a login to give digitally?

No, you can give online or through text message without an account. The church will still have record of your gift and can provide you with a year-end statement. You will also receive an email receipt for each contribution.

Should I give through my credit/debit card or give directly through my bank account (ACH)?

You can give through either! However, giving through your bank account (ACH) is helpful to PCC because it does not charge the church a transaction fee.

Can I set up an automatic recurring gift for the church?

Yes, absolutely. Need to create a login? Do so here.

Can I access my giving history to the church?

Yes, absolutely. Need to create a login? Do so here.

 Why do we give to the local church?

All good things are gifts from God, including our relationships, abilities, and possessions. Giving regularly of our time, talent, and money are all ways to give back to the One who has been so generous with us. We give because God has freely given!

Yearly Contribution Statements

You can find your yearly contribution statements online!

Select the button above "Log In to Your Account to Give"

Sign in using your email address and password

Go to "Giving"

Your statement will appear

Click the Printer Icon

Click "Print" on the popup screen and follow the directions to print.

Contribution statements can be printed and mailed to you per request. If interested, email Jill at [email protected].


Text PCC and any amount (example: PCC 50) to 73256.

Text-to-Give FAQs

How do I text-to-give?

Text PCC and any amount (example: PCC 50) to 73256. Click the link from the confirmation text and then complete your gift.

Does my giving appear on my cell phone bill?

No. You will be prompted to enter your credit card number via the link sent through text message. This gift will be associated with your login created through

In Person

We take an offering at each Sunday worship gathering.