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Plainfield Christian Church's vision as a church is Impacting Homes by Opening Ours, which is all about recapturing the generosity and hospitality that was displayed by the Early Church in the book of Acts. It’s about our conviction that the Church is not a building, the Church is people being the hands and feet of Jesus in their neighborhoods. We may not be able to physically open our homes to our neighbors during this season, but the spirit of this vision remains. We’ve been so encouraged to hear some of the ways that some of you have been able make connections with those around you as a result of our “stay at home” mandates. 

We would love to hear some of the stories of how God is using this unusual season to help you make deeper connections with your family or neighbors. We hope you'll share your experience using the form below and we’ll follow up with you on some creative ways to share that story as an encouragement to others. Use these questions as a way to help you share your story, but feel free to write in any way you're comfortable!