The Love Your Neighbor Fund is one of the many ways that PCC is serving our community.

Text "PCC neighbor" and any amount (example: PCC neighbor 50) to 73256 to give to the Love Your Neighbor Fund.

We love our community. One of the ways we care for our community is by giving to good causes and community initiatives.

This all started with the COVID-19 Relief Fund, which was created to provide financial relief to families in our community who were struggling due to COVID-19. That year, we raised over $80,000. We have used that money to help almost one hundred families. 

Building off of the success of the COVID-19 Relief Fund, we started the Love Your Neighbor Fund. Last year, over $90,000 was given to this fund. That money was used to partner with community organizations like Plainfield Youth Assistance Program and Family Promise of Hendricks County. It was also used to fund Plainfield Christian Church ministries like the Plainfield Community Thanksgiving Dinner and the $100 Difference. Literally hundreds of people from our church also chose to volunteer with these organizations and ministries.

My Daily Walk Inc.

My Daily Walk Inc. is a local nonprofit created in 2017 by Plainfield Christian Church members Fred and Karen Means. The mission of My Daily Walk Inc. is to provide underprivileged families access to essential clothing items such as shoes, coats, socks, and underwear at no cost. Their store is located at 2028 Stafford Rd. Suite C, Plainfield, IN.

We live in a great community, but there are still many families that live in poverty. For these families, essential clothing items often come second to essentials like food. My Daily Walk Inc. serves these families in a unique way by providing these goods. Their store also includes miscellaneous items like bibles, baby supplies, and backpacks. Last year, My Daily Walk Inc. donated over five thousand items to over one hundred and fifty families in our community

Serve & Support My Daily Walk Inc.

All of the money donated to the Love Your Neighbor Fund from January to March will go to My Daily Walk Inc. My Daily Walk Inc. is run entirely by volunteers, so donations will be used to support the work of the organization. Giving to the Love Your Neighbor Fund is a great way to help needy families in our community through My Daily Walk Inc.  

You can also donate essential clothing items to My Daily Walk Inc. New socks and underwear are in high demand, so that is their greatest need. They are also in need of new tennis shoes.

My Daily Walk Inc is also in need of volunteers. They need Lead Volunteers, which run the store during open hours, and Support Volunteers, which work under lead volunteers. Small groups can also serve under lead volunteers.

You can also serve by telling others about My Daily Walk Inc., especially if you know a needy family that could benefit from their services.

You can contact My Daily Walk Inc. about donating clothing or volunteering at

Text-to-Give to the Love Your Neighbor Fund

Text "PCC neighbor" and any amount (example: PCC neighbor 50) to 73256 to give to the Love Your Neighbor Fund.