Membership Track

Learn more about making Plainfield Christian Church your home.

Membership Track

At its core, church membership is about following Jesus together, joining Him in his mission alongside other believers. At PCC, it is our desire to see more disciples and better disciples.

Membership Track is a six-week course designed to help people connect to our church as they deepen their relationships with Christ. Participants will receive the tools they need to become fully and deeply involved in the mission of our church and deeply rooted in Christ.

Sessions focus on the essential elements of the Christian life, including:

Worship - Dive into the biblical legacy and theology of worship and learn how to grow in worship.

Devotion - Investigate spiritual disciplines how to put these life-giving habits into practice.

Friendship - Learn the value of finding and maintaining godly relationships and get connected with a life group.

Participation - Discover how the Spirit wants to work in and through you at church and beyond.

Generosity - Learn about biblical stewardship and how to cultivate attitudes and habits of generosity.

Mission - Find out how God wants to use your story to impact people in your sphere of influence and expand his kingdom.