First time on mypcc.info?

Welcome to mypcc.info! We've designed this platform to be your source for everything you need to know about Plainfield Christian Church.

Watch this video to get started!

For online giving and directory access, you will need to create a new login.


Why did you create mypcc.info? Don’t we already have a website?

You are on mypcc.info because you are already connected with Plainfield Christian Church. We wanted to build a platform entirely for you, that has everything you need to stay connected with the church, both on Sunday morning and throughout the week. This frees up plainfieldchristian.com to become an even more effective tool to connect with people who are not yet a part of our church.

Picture this, plainfieldchristian.com is now the "front porch" of our church home and mypcc.info is the "living room" for our church family.

Do I need to login to access mypcc.info?

No. You can enjoy most of the features of mypcc.info without a login. You'll only need to log in for online giving and the church directory.

I have the MyPCC app on my phone. Why should I use mypcc.info?

Unfortunately, some changes made by our app provider and Apple have meant that the MyPCC app will no longer work on your device—that means you can delete the app! However, mypcc.info is an even better option because:

1. You can access mypcc.info any time and on any device. Simply type mypcc.info into your internet browser of choice.

2. You don’t have to download or update anything on your mobile device to use mypcc.info—ever!

3. You can access online giving and church directory information securely each time by typing your username and password when prompted. This information will only be saved if you set it up to do so.

4. Apps tend to use more data because they run in the background on your phone in order to accomplish tasks like push notifications. mypcc.info will never run in the background on your phone and will minimize your data usage.

5. Also this.

Alright, it seems useful, but I really liked having the MyPCC app on the home screen of my phone. What do I do now?

Typing mypcc.info into your browser is quick and easy, but you can also save an icon to your device so it even feels just like an app!

I used to give online through the MyPCC app. Can I give online through mypcc.info?

Absolutely! You can use the give card on mypcc.info. You can give as a guest or create a login. Either method will give you an email receipt upon completion of your gift and the ability for PCC to provide you with a year-end statement of your gifts. Creating a login will allow you to print your own giving statements or to set up recurring gifts. 

If you have given online before, your giving history will transfer over, though there may be a short delay in that process as we work through this transition. If you have any questions about the transfer of financial records, let us know!

You can also give by texting any amount and PCC to 73256.

I already have an account with the church for online giving and a user profile. Do I have to set that up again?

Yes. Since we have a new provider for these services, you will need to create a new login.

Is my information secure through mypcc.info? 

Yes, absolutely. When accessing giving or directory pages, you will be prompted to give your username and password. Usernames and passwords will only be saved if you set them up to do so on your device.

Is my giving information secure?

Yes. Everything is fully secure and PCI compliant.