Join us for the challenge in 2021!

The One Challenge

Jesus invited John and Andrew to “come and see” in John 1:35-42. When he met Jesus, Andrew brought Peter along to “come and see” as well. This is our challenge for the year, bringing one person along to “come and see” Jesus. Here's what that will involve:

  • Pray: Choose one person in your life who doesn’t know Jesus, and pray for them every day for all of 2021. Ask God to soften their hearts and give you an opportunity to have spiritual conversations with them.
  • Eat: Build a friendship with your “one person” over food. Go grab coffee together, eat lunch at work together, have them over for dinner, etc.
  • Ask: Learn to ask questions that get your “one person” to open up about their story and their beliefs. Then, be ready to share your story and the good news of Jesus when an opportunity arises. 

Are you ready to take The One Challenge? Let us know below!