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Thank you for attending Vision Night!

We're excited for the path ahead and to impact homes by opening ours.

If you were unable to attend, you can watch the video of Vision Night below.

November 4 Vision Night

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Why wouldn’t we start this new vision in January of 2019?

It will take some time to move forward and change our current culture. It’s taken our staff and elders some time to arrive at this vision and we want to allow our current congregation adequate time to process and adjust.

Can't you show hospitality without opening your home?

This is absolutely true. However, we believe that opening our actual family home is the clearest vehicle for communicating this vision and the most authentic way of opening our lives to others. We believe such hospitality will overflow into other areas of our lives.

How are we going to use our big building?

This vision is an opportunity to reimage what making better use of our building means, such as being hospitable hosts to different community events that need a building.