Our Vision

— Impacting Homes by Opening Ours —

The spirit, vitality, and movement of the 1st Century Church is a beautiful picture of the Gospel message at work in its purest form. It was an organic movement—from house to house and life to life. We believe that church can look that way again in 2019. Our building located at 800 Dan Jones Road is not the Church—you are the Church in your homes, communities, work places, and schools.

You've heard PCC's vision, "Impacting Homes by Opening Ours." This vision is not a program or a church growth model. It is a way of walking in obedience to what we've been called to. We believe that we can reach people in the name of Jesus by using one of the best tools that God has equipped us with—our homes.

We believe that you can impact others through the act of hospitality. That is, opening your home and life to those that God has placed on your path. As part of this vision, we're asking you to engage in three ways.

  1. Be a part of a Home Group.
  2. Help make Plainfield Christian Church a hospitable place by serving in the church.
  3. Dedicate your home by opening your life to build relationships in the name of Jesus.

Check out these additional resources to help guide you through PCC's vision, Impacting Homes by Opening Ours.